To make University of Puthisastra (UP) better known to the public and especially to high school students, UP had hosted the high school students’ visit to the university campus. The purpose of the visit is to introduce the students about the university in general, campus, university’s facility, and library etc., The other reason is to guide students to choose the right major when they jump into university education.

Around 210 students from 5 different high schools in Phnom Penh such as, Hun Sen Bun Rany Wat Phnom High School, Bak Tuk High School, Chea Sim Samaki High School, Chea Sim Sonthormok High School, and Chbar Ampov High School participated in the event as well as UP’s President, UP management team and UP students. Remarkably, UP’s President had shared the university’s core values and the general situation in this contemporary world. He’s had also raised about the factors that lead to success by some famous people to the students.



















There were also brief presentations about different department and faculties such as, International Affairs, Student Affairs, English, Economic and Business, Law, IT and Health Science. Aside from the presentation, there were performances from Bokator (Khmer Martial Art) and music club.

The event went really well as planned and the students found it very enjoyable and fascinating about the university, clubs, and performances and one random student even told one of our staff that she will come after she graduates from high school.