University of Puthisastra and Mr. TEP Livina, a 4-year-straight-outstanding-college-student, have co-organized a special seminar on “How to Become an Outstanding College Student” with the participation of 105 high school students from 3 different high schools such as, Wat Koh High School, Sonthormok High School and Sisovath High School, UP students and UP management team.

Mr. TEP Livina, as a guest speaker himself had shared his personal experiences to the students from his uncertain and obnoxious childhood to a very successful and prolific person of the society. He’d provided a few tips on how to become a better student, namely goal-setting, teamwork and hardworking.

University of Puthisastra firmly believes that this is a very beneficial seminar to help the students learn and discover themselves more on how to be successful in study and life. UP will continue to bring more of these kinds of seminar for the students in addition to what they’ve acquired at school.