Benjamin Franklin, former US President, once said “If you want to help the poor, please be one of them.” Therefore, Student Council was created consistently to this amazing idea. Under the initiative of University President, UP Student Council was established by the students, belong to the students and for the students to help solve students’ learning difficulties, to represent students in order to voice their concern over specific issues and organize charity and educational field trips for students.

 After a long campaign and election by UP students, finally Second Generation of UP Students Council got selected. Newly fresh Student Council members are comprised of students from diverse backgrounds ranging from medical students, marketing and English students. The new members are committed to helping the students’ overcome their learning obstacles, being a good example and reliable representative for the students and to bringing new initiatives to better the students both hard and soft skills. They also promise to host one field trip very soon for UP students.

University of Puthisastra will be working closely with the UP Student Council to keep supporting them and help better students’ lives while they are in our UP family.