Co-organized by Ministry of Environment and TVK, the national youth debate forum under the theme of environment took place on June 26, 2013. Four respective universities were invited to take part in the competitions which are University of Puthisastra (UP), Human Resource University (HRM), Asia Europe University (AEU), and Cambodia University for Specialties (CUS).

University of Puthisastra debate club had fully equipped themselves physically and mentally for the challenges with other counterparts. However, the team couldn’t make it to the first place. Even so, UP debate team had not been back down and proudly told us that it was a very good experience to be part of the competition and they had figured out their weaknesses. Remarkably, they promise they will go to better their skill and get the champion one day.

University of Puthisastra would like to thank Ministry of Environment and TVK for arranging such an important debate forum which the University of Puthisastra believes that it will not only help the students’ gain knowledge but also inject the awareness of environment to the audiences. UP is determined to bring more students to participate in the future challenge.