University of Puthisastra is profoundly honored to be the host of Friendly Debate between UP Debate Club and SSEAYP International Cambodia with a privileged presence from Mr. SOK Puthyvuth, University of Puthisastra President, H.E. Mr. HUN Many, President of Union Youth Federation of Cambodia, H.E. Mr. HENG Soknang, President of SSEAYP International Cambodia and other distinguished guests around 150 had taken part. The motion of the debate was “This House Believes that Social Media do more harm than good.

The debate went very effortlessly as both teams had presented their critical and logical claims and arguments regarding the advantages and drawbacks of social media, prominently Facebook. Debaters had vividly challenged one another which very much excited the audiences. Remarkably, during the Q&A session, the audiences also bombarded bunch of challenging questions and comments.

To end, H.E. Mr. HUN Many had praised the hard work and the inspiration of the debaters and given his personal view regarding the importance of social media. What is more, he also admires the morality of the debaters in term of respecting one another’s position. Last but not least, he mentioned that he did learn quite substantially from the debate itself and promise to come to this kind of event again in the near future.