University of Puthisastra had a great honor to host a group of delegations from Hiroshima University on Monday 17 March 2014. Hiroshima University visited and had a presentation about Scholarship (Phoenix Program) to student of University of Puthisastra​  with a privileged presence from Mr. SOK Puthyvuth, President of University of Puthisastra, Representative form Hiroshima University, UP management team and Staff. ​According to the presentation Phoenix Program establishes “Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies” as an interdisciplinary and practical academic field, on a basis of our experiences and achievements in Hiroshima University for supporting the recovery from the atomic bomb. The program aims to develop personnel with the skills to “protect human lives from radiation hazards”, “protect the environment from radioactivity”, and “protect the human society from radioactivity. After listening the presentation there are a lot of students interested in Phoenix Program and we hope that our students will have a chance to get it. However delegations encouraged our students to apply for this program since it is the first program that every launched this type of study. For more information please visit this or contact Student Affairs and International Affairs offices.