“Angkor Sangkranta” is a great celebration for all Cambodian to show our traditional New Year to the world. It is hosted by Union of Youth Federation of Cambodia (UYFC) corporates with other organization, ministries, and so forth. This event gives all Khmer people an opportunity to celebrate New Year with family and friends; moreover, thousands of foreigners also can take this chance to experience the wonderful and interesting Cambodian culture. This biggest event is contributed by approximately 3,000 youth who are from different places to work together to achieve one particular goal is to make Angkor Sangkranta event succeed. Surprisingly, around 30 youth among those 3,000 youth are UP students; we work in different groups and have different responsibilities, but after our hardworking day, we had spent great time together.

Joining Angkor Sangkranta helps young generations to understand more about our traditional and customs including traditional games such as the Bas Angkunh or seed throwing, Chaol Chhoung or twisted-scarf throwing, and Leak Kanséng or twisted-scarf hiding, and so on. Because of these games, we understand the reason why our ancestors created them. They are not only for fun, but they are counted as exercise to practice eyes, hands, and the whole body too. The most important is that through these games, we can create network and strengthen friendship. During this celebration, we can attract more tourists to know and learn about our customs, traditional games, national anthem and songs, other important Khmer symbols like Bokator. Furthermore, Angkor Sangkranta covers more things including special modern concerts, trade fairs,handmade and commercial goods exhibitions and food exhibitions, and many other cultural activities.