On 06 June 2014, the University of Puthisastra inaugurated dental simulation lab under great honor of H.E Thir Kruy, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Health, and Mr. Sok Puthyvuth, President of University of Puthisastra and many other respected guests and staffs.

Mr. Sok Puthyvuth, President of University of Puthisastra, said that the inauguration of dental simulation lab was another step to the improvement of University of Puthisastra, which focused on the education in the health sector today. We should also notice that Dental laboratory for students of University Puthisastra is the first laboratory and the only one in the country; moreover, this laboratory has been created in response to the importance of dental practices in addition to the theory learning in class to promote high-quality education. Dental Simulation Lab was built on March 2014 and construction completed on May 09, 2014, which is officially launched from today.