Bokator National Performance – Competition 2015 held on Sepember1st to September 5th              Bokator National Championship Competition 2015 organized by Department of Physical Education and Sport, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, in collaboration with Cambodian Bokator Federation.

Bokator club practitioners of University of Puthisastra attended Bokator National Championship 2015 from September 1st to September 5th. In a very challenging competition, our UP Bokator members were awarded 38 medals, which is a very proud achievement for them and university. Bokator Shows include various single male – female combat systems, group combat systems. A show of single male or female short stick/pole; a show of male-female long stick/pole; and a typically 65 kilo fighting contest.  A Bokator show of so-called single male-female paying respect to master, Bokator combat system practices of shield fighting against long pole and Various empty-hand/ bare-handed techniques, short and long stick/pole, male practiced sword fighting, and female self-defense against men. Consequently, twelve students of University of Puthisastra were proudly satisfied as​​ the result below,