Recently Asst Professor  Sopharith, Deputy Head of  Dentistry, had the privilege of travelling to Japan to attend the 6TH HIROSHIMA CONFERENCE ON EDUCATION AND SCIENCE IN DENTISTRY and 50TH ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATION of their Faculty of Dentistry.  The theme of the conference was “BIODENTAL EDUCATION AND RESEARCH  – TOWARDS THE NEXT 50 YEARS”.

The conference was opened Prof. Motoyuki Sugai, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Hiroshima, who has visited UP in the past.  The conference was held over 3 days, with participants from about 50 dental schools from all over Asia.

Session titles included:  Frontiers of BioDental Science; Oral and Systemic Disease Connection; Host-Microbe Interactions on Health and Disease; Development and Function of the Musculoskeletal System; Basic and Clinical Implications; Challenges and Perspectives in Dental Education; Inter-University Collaboration Education; Food, Nutrition and Health; Human Resources in Dental Medicine at Graduate Level; Evaluation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Culture by Advanced Cell Morphological Analysis; Oral Health Promotion and Functional Rehabilitation in Super-aged Society; and Oral Cancer in Asia.

The first day finished with a Welcome Party, the second day with a Banquet for Young Scientists, and the third day with a Friendship Party. 

Day 3 finished with the closing ceremony, at which prizes were awarded for the various research competitions. This was followed by the signing of MOUs between University of Hiroshima and other partner universities, and the Deans Meeting.

The Conference was very special as it was also the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Dentistry at Hiroshima. 
An Agreement on Academic and Educational Exchange between Department of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Puthisastra, was signed with the Faculty of Dentistry , University of Hiroshima.
The MOU is focused on several important areas:
  1. Promotion of joint research
  2. Exchange of faculty members and administrative staff
  3. Exchange of undergraduate and graduate students.
For UP undergraduate students, there are two kinds of Exchange:
  1. 10 day exchange program for 2-3 students each year to visit the Faculty of Dentistry, Hiroshima University.
  2. Sandwich Exchange program – outstanding UP students who finish year 1 (foundation year) will be interviewed and may be given a 4 year scholarship to study at Hiroshima University. On return the student will study other 2 more years to obtain the degree of DDS.
For graduate students, young dentists with a DDS degree from UP will all be able to apply for a scholarship from Hiroshima University to get a Masters or PhD degree from Hiroshima University.

UP now has dental school agreements with University of Hiroshima (Japan), James Cook University (Australia) and Mahidol University (Thailand).  This is all part of our long-term strategy to become the best dental school in Cambodia.