1Photo 1 – Year 1 BMET Student repairing a Suction Machine which had problem with a Motor, due to lack of maintenance – at Kratie Provincial Hospital.

2Photo 2 – Year 1 and year 2 students repairing the Power Supply Block of an Operating Ceiling Light malfunctioned due to faulty electrical components (resistors) on the Board – at Kratie Provincial Hospital.

3Photo 3 – Year 2 student operating and testing an Ultrasound Machine (previously not working due to a corrupt software), after successfully re-installing the operating system software – at Stung Treang Province

4Photo 4 – The same year 2 student applying soldering method to modify connections on the Battery Terminals of a Patient Monitor – at Stung Treang Provinical Hospital.

5Photo 5 – The clinical and the BMET staff work together at the Operating Room to test a Patient Monitor, which was malfunctioning due to faulty batteries – at Stung Treang Provincial Hospital

6Photo 6 – At the Maternity Room, the BMET Staff repairing the NIBP Cuff Hose and then testing the Patient Monitor with the clinical staff – at Stung Treang Provincial Hospital.

7Photo 7 – Year 2 BMET student in action repairing the Video Printer – (of an Ultrasound Machine), down due to a jammed cartridge – after being able to identify the Error Code – at Stung Treang Provincial Hospital

8Photo 8 – Year 2 student providing user training on operating and testing a Defibrillator with the help of a Defibrillator Analyzer- at Stung Treang Provincial Hospital.