Recently, BMET students have been doing a lot of tasks at many hospitals. Typically, they went to Calmette hospital for troubleshooting and testing biomedical equipment. In addition to that, they also has been trained more methods of troubleshooting others types of biomedical equipment at University of Puthisastra as the following photos.

trouble-shooting-biomedical-equipment-01Year 2 students cleaning an Anesthesia Machine, received as a donation from Angkor Children Hospital, Siem Reap – for teaching purpose – at University of Puthisastra.

trouble-shooting-biomedical-equipment-02UP BMET Staff teaching Year 3 (semester 5) students the basics of operating and testing a Ventilator – BMET Dept. at University of Puthisastra.trouble-shooting-biomedical-equipment-02Year 3 (semester 6) students learning how to operate and test an Infant Warmer under the expertise of GE Trainer, Mr. Philip Camillocci from USA – BMET Dept. University of Puthisastra.trouble-shooting-biomedical-equipment-02BMET(s) from Calmette and Siem Reap Hospital troubleshooting the Printing Recorder of a Spirometer (Pulmonary Lung Tester) – at Center of Excellence, Calmette Hospital.trouble-shooting-biomedical-equipment-02Year 3 (semester 5) students troubleshooting and testing several Suction Machines – at Center of Excellence, Calmette Hospital.