UP Dental Clinic last week hosted Australian Periodontist Dr. Patrick Tseng.  In Australia Dr Tseng is Clinical Tutor at the University of Sydney for undergraduate and post- graduate students. He is also a surgical mentor, lecturer and examiner for the Diploma of Oral Implants and an Internal Examiner for Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (DCD) post-graduate candidates in Periodontics.  On the first morning he was accompanied by a second specialist periodontist from Sydney, Dr Rohan Rodricks, who has a Masters degree from NZ.


During his visit to the UP Dental Clinic, students brought in over 40 patients who had periodontal disease for treatment under the supervision of Dr Tseng.  He was kept very busy the whole two days, instructing our UP dental students and tutors on how to carry out full mouth periodontal charting, treatment planning and scaling and root planning correctly.  During the two days, UP dental students from both year 4 and 5 improved their periodontal knowledge and skills a lot of.


Thanks to Dr. Tseng and Dr Rodricks who worked so hard to help our dental students. More periodontists may be coming from Australia and NZ later in 2016.