In partnership with One-2-One Cambodia, and with the permission of the Department of Prisons, UP students have been providing basic and emergency dental treatment for prisoners in CC1 prison (Prey Sor) during 2016.  This project is part of our UP Community Dentistry program, where students in years 4 and 5 are able to provide clinical treatment to needy groups in society, under the close supervision of dentists.  Each Wednesday, up to 12 UP students have been travelling to Prey Sor on their motos, arriving at 7.30am, ready for a long hard day of work.  At the prison they are assigned a role some extract teeth, some do dental restorations, some assist, some sterilize instruments, and some register the prisoners and give medications and post-operative instructions.  Everyone works as a team.  The treatment provided counts towards the students clinical requirements. The students enjoy the work, and have later participated in reflective learning sessions, exploring their experiences of working in the prison. UP is happy to see its dental students engaging in activities which not only make them into better dentists, but also help to make them into caring health professionals.