This is the second exchange program to Khon Kaen University this year. It is a great opportunity for our students to see first-hand how one of the top dental schools in Thailand operates. On the first day, we were warmly welcomed by the Dean and the other staff. They took us on a tour of the various clinic and labs.

We were impressed with the modern and plentiful facilities. We also noted that the Thai students study very hard, are confident in treating patients, and the tutors are very helpful. We have really enjoyed our time here.  We have learned many things such as new techniques, how students are assessed, cross infection control, and how students communicate with their patients.  We have also had time to meet many of the Cambodian postgraduate students studying here at Khon Kaen, and have had time to socialise with the local students.  So apart from the new knowledge we have gained, we have also built new friendships and had a fun time with other foreign and local students. We would like to thank Khon Kaen University and UP for this wonderful opportunity.