Last week UP was visited by Dr Olivia Apperley from NZ who has a Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Special Needs Dentistry. During the week she gave 10 lectures to dental students on topics ranging from management of patients with medical, developmental and psychiatric problems, to management of geriatric patients. Dr Apperley is aware that in Cambodia we have no specialists in this area, so it is very important that general dentists know how to manage these types of patients safely. Dr Apperley hopes to return again next year, when she would also like to help students to manage some of these patients in our UP Dental Clinic.

Last week we also had a visit by Dr Mori and Dr Ito from Denriche organization. They spent several days in the clinic helping dental students with their patients. Denriche plans to send several more lecturers and tutors over the next few months as part of their program to support the UP Dental Department.

UP is very grateful for the support it gets from the international dental community, which all helps to improve the training of our dental students.