This course covers introductions to the principles and practical aspects of Ultrasound Imaging System. It will provide participants the essential skills necessary to repair and maintain various models of Ultrasound Imaging System.


To provide participants the knowledge and practical exposure needed to perform basic and complex repair servicing on Ultrasound Imaging System. This course is specifically aimed to provide participants the techniques to troubleshoot and repair technical problems encountered in Ultrasound Machines.

Course Content

  1. Ultrasound System Structure
  2. Operating Principle & Schematics
  3. Fault Analysis & Troubleshooting
  4. Maintenance of system and parts
  5. Disassembly & re-assembly of the system


* Degree/Diploma in Electronics, Medicine, and Hospital Administration and any relevant discipline in Healthcare  

* Any hospital staff responsible for operation, maintenance and management of medical equipment


A Certificate will be awarded to all trainees upon successfully completing the course module

Course Outcome

By the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the principles & Physiology  of Ultrasound
  • Explain the techniques used in Operating Ultrasound
  • Improve Ultrasound Repair Skills
  • List common technical problems associated with Ultrasound Machine
  • Carry out inspection, testing, fault finding, maintenance and repair of Ultrasound Machine

Duration: 1 week (6 days)

Course Fee: $300


  • Lectures by Qualified Trainers
  • Hands-on Practical Experience
  • User-based training with the Instructor
  • Lectures through PowerPoint presentations