The Biomedical Equipment Technology Department at Faculty of Health Science of University of Puthisastra is pleased to offer several Industrial Certificate Course(s) in Operation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Repair and Testing of Biomedical Equipment.

Various course modules are designed for technologists, engineers and students who would like to train or retrain in biomedical engineering. In addition, several other modules are targeted for health care professionals, doctors, clinicians, nurses and individuals who are interested in handling, operation and maintenance of medical equipment. The courses are also aimed at individuals who are looking for the opportunity to gain further qualifications.



Healthcare is increasingly becoming technology oriented. From simple to most high-end complex machines, devices and instruments are being used widely in all medical and healthcare facilities around the country. It is important, therefore, to have a trained staff and a well-managed maintenance program to keep medical equipment in a health care facility operating reliably and safely and available for use when needed for diagnostic procedures, therapy, treatment and monitoring of patients. An effective maintenance program prolongs the useful life of the equipment and minimizes the cost of equipment operation.

To sustain and support maintenance of this wide range of equipment, the healthcare professionals involved with equipment operation are required to be made more conversant with the technology, simple handling and maintenance processes. Trained Biomedical Technicians and Engineers are immensely required and are responsible to undertake the troubleshooting, repair and maintenance procedures of medical equipment.


Educating medical professionals and students to maintain & operate medical equipment optimally and also enhancing the skills of technicians, engineers and technical personnel to take up repairs of medical equipment safely

  • Self-Sustainability
  • Longevity
  • Effective Delivery
  • Cost Saving
  • Flexible Training
  • After completing the training, the participants will be assets to their healthcare facility
  • Most importantly they will be influential in Savings for the hospital/clinic, savings in equipment repair and maintenance costs
  • The training will contribute immensely towards capacity building of growing manpower needs in the healthcare facilities
  • Contribute to supporting equipment management program by maintaining and servicing a large volume of essential medical equipment in widely distributed healthcare facilities in the capital city and other provincial healthcare centers
  • Training modules are provided in shorter lengths based on the facility’s needs and budget
  • Interactive training sessions with lecturers, hospital instructors and trainees
  • Trainees will be exposed to a wide range of medical equipment at UP BMET Training Facility
Course Name Duration Course Fee
Medical Equipment Maintenance Practice 3 weeks   (15 days) $360
Anesthesia & Ventilation Equipment 1 week (5 days) $150
Electrical Safety Training on Biomedical Equipment 3 days $75
Servicing of Cardiovascular Equipment 2 weeks (10 days) $250
Servicing of Ultrasound Imaging System 1 week (6 days) $300
Admission Process

Interested applicants must complete the Biomedical Equipment Technology (BMET) Application Form and the UP Student Application form and return to UP Admin.