University of Puthisastra is known as one of the potential and recognized universities in Cambodia. Since the first time of progressing, University of Puthisastra have organized not only an effective and efficient study curriculum, but they also promote many activities in each faculties in the University such as seminar, social event, exchange program, internship especially clubs which can help students involve in University activities and much more. One of another popular clubs which make student more communicative and challenging is Debate Club.


In order to run the Debate Club successfully, the club also have a clear goal, mission, and vision, which help facilitate the process of the club itself.




To help students become effective speakers who are able to talk and challenge in the public speech as well as utilize their critical thinking, research, discussion and presentation skills, etc,…




The group works will be assigned to do many tasks. Club members must acquire knowledge through reading both technical skill and general knowledge from any sources and media because we will not only discuss topic related to general theory, but they also raise the current events to argue in the discussion. Moreover, every member will be introduced some strategies related to how to debate, which is the basic/ foundation of debating, by those skills, they can get some ideas to chat about. In addition, out-side the activities we are going to accomplish, club policy is formed in order to make everyone honestly perform their tasks, which is described below:


·         Absent from club four times, student will be first-time warned; six times s/he will be second-time warned, and student who is absent ten times, s/he will be dismissed from the club.


·         The assigned group must be responsible for own debate topic.


·         Every member must be encouraged to speak English, if possible, in order to promote English speaking environment.


·         Everyone must have strong commitment in doing tasks.




We need to promote a student community with the same common interest, feeling, commitment, the level of knowledge especially a strong commitment so that everyone will be able to walk in the same side or path in order to reach the club goal.


Finally, I would like to express our thank to University of Puthisastra for its support in running this Debate Club, without which the club would not have run possibly. Also, we, club members and facilitators, sincerely hope that this club will be useful to University and there will have more of the next generations coming to run the club and keep progressing the goal of the club.


1.      Ms. KIM Socheata (Coordinator)                                                                      


2.       Mr. VONG Dine (Associator)


3.       Miss. SUN Sreinay (Assistant)


4.       Mr.KOUCHChanChamreoun (Secretary)