University of Puthisastra (UP) currently faces a lot of challenges and opportunities to become the leading university in Cambodia. In addition to being passionately committed to our core values, this young institution is working hard to build its reputation through quality and strong commitment to helping lecturers and students come together to exchange and share knowledge. English Education is at the forefront of the development of any country; and the ability for a country to connect to other countries is even more vital to a country’s development, as well the world’s development. UP believe that Extra-curriculum involvement through club activities, social work, and other programs will further help UP to realize its vision and mission, on top of expanding the people’s capacity to develop their study into community.


In order to run English Program successfully, this program also has a clear goal, mission, and vision, which help facilitate the process of this program itself.




We are senior students studying in Faculty of Arts and Languages at University of Puthisastra. We are offering you the priceless thing that boosts your wonderful journey in college life, and we would like to welcome your participation and express our thanks to your effort.




The group works will be assigned to do many tasks. Students must acquire knowledge through reading both technical skill and general knowledge from any sources and media because we will not only discuss topic related to general theory. In addition, out-side the activities we are going to accomplish; program policy is formed in order to make everyone honestly perform their tasks, which are described below:


Absent three times, student will be first-time warned; four times s/he will be second-time warned, and student who is absent five times, s/he will be dismissed from this program.


The assigned group must be responsible for homework.


Every member must be encouraged to speak English, if possible, in order to promote English speaking environment.


Everyone must have strong commitment in doing tasks.




The goal of English Program is to develop, share and provide knowledge and competency through our core values to the students, so that they can take part in the ownership of the development process of Cambodia and the global community.


Finally, I would like to express our thanks to University of Puthisastra for its support in running this English Program, without which this program would not have run possibly. Also, we, facilitators, sincerely hope that this program will be useful to University and there will have more of the next generations coming to run the program and keep continuing the goal of the program.


1.       Mr. La kuong (Coordinator)


2.      Mr. THON Daravuth (Associator)


3.      Mr. LY Sophy (Assistant)


4.      Mr. EUNG Vireak (Secretary)