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So Sophany, MW.
Head of Department.
Tel: (+855) 12 57 31 77
Sin Sreyrany, Ms.
Senior Midwife Officer  
Tel: (+855) 10 53 11 91
Cheng Chanmara, Ms.  
Senior Midwife Officer  
Tel: (+855)15 727 994/(+855)17 251 131
Our Mission
We will educate students to become qualified midwife, who have skills, knowledge, and passion to improve public health of Cambodian people through in-class education, practice and clerkship within national hospitals, referral hospitals, and health centers.
Education program
Midwifery Department at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Puthisastra provides health education to student to become a recognized midwife in order to obtain Associate Degree in Midwifery.

Midwifery Program was designed to offer students with technical practice and theory relating to Birth Spacing, ANC (Antenatal Care), Baby Delivery, PNC (Postnatal Care), IMCI (Integrated Management of Child Illness), STD, Community Health Care and others. All courses will be under close supervision from lecturers for both theoretical and practical sessions including clerkship inside hospitals/ health centers. Moreover, there will be sufficient reagents and equipment, during practical hours, for students to learn and practice. To strengthen capacity of students, UP also have many MoUs with National hospitals, Referral Hospitals, and Health Centers where students can learn precisely based on real practice.
Admission Criteria
Any student who graduated from high school can apply to study at the Department of Midwifery. Selection is through a selection committee at the UP or through the University of Puthisastra entrance examination.
Schedule for Classes
Midwifery Department at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Puthisastra will follow the semester system. That is: there will be 2 semesters per academic year. The Midwifery program will be a 3-year program including clerkship and internship inside hospitals. The internship will be done in Semester 6. The program will be studied in morning or afternoon from Monday to Saturday.
Course Instruction

All courses to be offered for Midwifery Program will be taught in Khmer and English or a combination of both.

Graduation criteria

To complete the program, students must pass all the courses required by the national curriculum and pass University’s exit examination.

Degree Offered

Students who successfully complete all requirements in this program will be graduated with the “Associate Degree in Midwifery”.