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Leam Lin, RN MSN
Deputy Head of the Department   
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Ek Vibol
Senior Technical Practice Nurse
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Im Saron
Junior Clinical Instructor
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Our mission

The Department of Nursing aims to be an academic centre of excellence that contributes to the growth of sustainably healthy communities by preparing students to be nurses through scholarship, research, leadership and passion.

Values we strive towards are compassionate caring, integrity, accountability and responsibility, community contribution and celebration – of students, community, nursing and health.

Education Program

UP offers both the Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing (BSN) program and the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN).

Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing (BSN)
This program is a four year program. It commences with a Foundation year which provides a strong grounding for study in the following three years of the nursing program. Courses include sciences, nursing theory and skills, nursing education and health promotion, legal and ethical issues in nursing, hospital and community nursing and specialty areas of nursing practice.

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)
This is a three year nursing program. It includes an overview of nursing sciences, sociology and psychology, and nursing theory and skills. It also includes legal and ethical issues in nursing, hospital and community nursing training and an introduction to some specialty areas of nursing.  

Both programs include approximately 50 % training in the hospital or health center for practicum.

Schedule for Classes

UP has two semesters in an academic year. There are eight semesters in the BSN program and six semesters in the ADN program.

Classes in the nursing program run six days per week, from Monday to Saturday. Requirements of theory and practicum classes are set by the Ministry of Health for students to be able to graduate.

Course Instruction

Lectures are in Khmer or Khmer and English. It is an expectation that students will continue to improve English skills throughout their nursing program.

Admission Criteria

Any student who graduates from high school can apply to study at the Department of Nursing. Selection is through a selection committee at the UP or through the UP entrance examination for those applying for the ADN program, or through the national entrance examination for those applying for the BSN program.

Graduation Criteria

Students are required to pass all courses, theory and clinical, in their nursing program. BSN students are required to present and pass a memoir. They will then be eligible to sit the national exit exam.

Degree Offered

Students who successfully complete all requirements in their program will graduate with either a “Bachelor in Science Nursing or an Associate Degree in Nursing”.

Research Programs

Research at UP is an exciting growth area. Nursing research activities are focused on increasing the quality of nursing education in Cambodia with the greater goal of improving the health care of the people of Cambodia.

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