Historical Background


Student for Student Program was created under highly supported and fully recognized by Dr. Kang Chandararot, Vice President of Academic Affairs, in   2011. Student for Student Program is one of the priceless programs and clubs which conduct to facilitate, create UP student capacities and ensure sustain growth according to the Core Value, Vision, and Mission of the University of Puthisastra.




Student for Student Program was created with a specific vision. We have an optimistic vision to strengthen and build up the quality of UP students both hard skill and soft skill while studying in University of Puthisastra.




Student for Student Program’s missions are to let the outstanding students teach and transfer knowledge by doing more research to the weak students in the class, to promote teamwork by providing the opportunity for students to learn the art of sharing and join hands within group, and to enhance self-development and enlarge confidential personality.


In order to reach our vision as well as our missions accompany with effective and efficiency fruitful result, we have to enforce and implement some policies:


·         Any student who misses the class thrice is considered to drop out


·         Cooperation and obedience are  highly demanded


·         Be well prepare both students and teachers


·         Each student has to pay fee 1,000R per hour and has to pay as a whole in advance